Final Paper Submission


Please complete all steps below by Oct. 05, 2016


Author Instructions for Camera Ready Paper Submission


In order for your paper to be included in the MMS2016 conference proceedings and sent for inclusion in IEEE Xplore, you need to complete the following five steps:


1)    Register your paper

2)    Format the final version of your paper

3)    Generate Xplore-compatible PDF Format Paper

4)    Submit the Final PDF version on EasyChair system

5)    Complete and submit the IEEE Copyright Form


1)  Register your paper

Please register via the Registration page:


Each paper must have at least one author registered at the “Primary Author” rate. Each paper must be presented by an author, in person, at the event, to be included in the proceedings. IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference, including IEEE Xplore® Digital Library, if the paper is not presented by the author at the conference. Non-author, video-conference, or pre-recorded presentations will not be included in the conference proceedings.


Each successful registration can be associated to 1 or 2 accepted papers.


2)  Format the final version of your paper


3)  Generate Xplore-compatible PDF Format Paper

Authors must generate the electronic FINAL version in PDF format that is compatible with IEEE Xplore.

It is required that PDF files are checked by the IEEE PDF eXpress web tool for IEEE Xplore-compatibility (see instructions on how to use PDF eXpress) in order to include the paper in the proceedings.


4)  Submit the Final PDF version on EasyChair system

All papers submitted through EasyChair system are considered to be in final form and ready for publication. Do not submit your paper until you are ready:

  1. Log into the MMS2016 EasyChair submission page and click on the Submission tab in the top menu
  2. Before uploading your camera ready paper on EasyChair, please:
  • Check that title in EasyChair matches your camera-ready paper exactly.
  • Compare all author names in EasyChair with the author list in your paper. They MUST BE identical and in the same order. This is very important because we will be using the information provided in EasyChair to generate the final conference program and the table of contents for Proceedings.
  • Please ensure that the abstract and title are readable stand-alone and do not contain any references or unexplained acronyms.

  3. After carrying out the above checks click on “Update file” at the top right of the page and you will be taken to the upload page.


  4. Confirm acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, upload the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF of the final manuscript and press the “Submit” button.


5)  Complete and submit the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (eCF)

Soon, authors will receive an email from IEEE with link and login credentials to login to eCF and submit copyright form.