A.  “Yarman and Carlin” Best Paper Award for Young Microwave Engineers/Scientist


Yarman and Carlin Best Paper Award is given to young microwave engineers/scientist who presents research papers in the IEEE Mediterranean Microwave Symposiums (MMS).

The aim of the award is to encourage young engineers and scientist to make novel broadband active and passive microwave/millimeter wave circuit/systems designs and verify their results.

The nominated papers under consideration must include solid theoretical aspects of microwave engineering such as solution of wave equations, filter and broadband matching theory, real frequency techniques to design broadband matching networks and amplifiers developed by B.S. Yarman and H.J Carlin etc.


Yarman & Carlin best paper award is delivered under the following ranks:

  • ·         The First Ranked Paper receives $500
  • ·         The Second Ranked Paper receives $300
  • ·         The Third Ranked Paper receives $200.


The awarded papers are selected by an award committee formed by the General Chair of the Symposium. The committee nominates several papers to be selected and agrees among themselves to attend the nominated papers’ sessions to be able to make fair judgement.


To apply for Yarman-Carlin student award, the main author must be a graduate or PhD student and should send an email to Conference General Chair ( along with an evidence of his status of  student.


Historical Note:

Prof. Dr. B.S. Yarman worked with Prof. H.J. Carlin during his Ph.D. at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, over the years 1978-1982. In the course of their research work, they developed the analytic theory of double matching, real frequency solutions to double matching problems and simplified real frequency techniques to design multistage microwave amplifiers. It is crucial to emphasize that, unlike the other available design techniques, the real frequency techniques (RFT) neither requires to select circuit topology for matching problems nor requires models for the devices to be matched. Measured immittance data or scattering parameters are directly processed within the RFT algorithms. Eventually, optimum matching networks are obtained as the result of design method.

Prof. Dr. H.J. Carlin has reached to eternity in 2009 and Prof. Dr. B.S. Yarman is still active at Istanbul University and chairing the RFT Corporation in Turkey.



B.  Best Paper Award: “Al Ain University” and “IEEE UAE MTT-S & IM-S Joint Chapter”


The MMS2016 Best Paper Award, sponsored by “Al Ain University, AAU” and “IEEE UAE MTT-S & IM-S Joint Chapter”, is for an original paper in the field of Microwave Communications.


All papers are eligible for the Award. Regarding the authors, there are no restrictions as to IEEE membership, nationality, race, age or gender.


The selection is based on Originality, utility, timeliness, and clarity of presentation.


The awarded papers are selected by an award committee formed by the General Chair of the Symposium.